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How does Trusted Account Services (TAS) work?

Two or more parties agree to the sales or purchase of either high value or low value items such as services, company premises, machinery and equipment. TAS will provide third-party accounting services to enhance integrity and efficiency of the process.

Good Plans

TAS (Trusted Account Services) is a specialized independent third party and trust accounting company. We provide a reliable bridge between individuals and/or companies to enhance integrity and efficiency of the process. We provide the highest standard of professional excellence for companies in the document preparation industries and some other industries.

With TAS, clients’ funds will be 100% secured. As an independent third party, our company guarantees that the business will deliver what is stated in the agreement.

With TAS’s Trusted Account Services, funds are owned and governed by clients. Clients will control all the payments and disbursements in the account.

All funds held in Trusted Account Services are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Mission Statement

Trusted Account Services is committed to offering compliant, reliable, and quality dedicated account services to our clients with full transparency and the highest standards of customer service and care.

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We are Providing

TAS has various models to provide account management services that enhance the integrity and efficiency for companies in a wide range of industries.

Client services

Managing clients' accounts to make sure clients are satisfied with business' products and at the same time feel at ease with their transactions.

Business Services

Providing account management service that helps business enhance their integrity and maximize business' proficiency.

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